Ed Mabry´s Rekordfahrzeug Story

Geklaut vom Team Texas Triumph.

The tradition started in 1955 with a World Land Speed Record of 193.3mph, followed by an unofficial record of 214.7mph in 1956. Although not their first (or last!) Bonneville outings, these were the best known efforts of the Stormy Mangum-Jack Wilson-Johnny Allen streamliner known as "The Devil’s Arrow" and later "The Texas Cee-Gar". Not bad for a normally aspirated 650cc Thunderbird!

The tradition continues with Team Triumph Texas (TTT), a direct descendent of the great Team that beat the world in 1955 and gave the Triumph Bonneville it’s name - arguably the best known marque and model of all time.

A 1978 Triumph ad exclaimed "Triumph’s have been setting records on the Bonneville salt longer than most motorcycle companies have been in business!" Even more true today.

The Master himself - Ed Mabry building the backup to B-604

For many years, Triumph was truly the "World’s Fastest Motorcycle". They are still "World’s Fastest" in a number of vintage, pushrod and "heads-up" class records at Bonneville. Many have been set by Team Triumph Texas, including the SCTA certified, but unofficial record for the "World’s Fastest Real Motorcycle" of 256.264mph in 1992! A "real" motorcycle being one you ride rather than drive, and that you ride on rather than in. This dual-engine, early Triumph triple powered, turbocharged, fuel burning, 400+bhp, partial-streamliner (No. 601) is the TTT "flagship". The 256 run was at "only" 70% throttle and we’re still trying hard for 100%! The newest project is aimed straight at the record for the fastest 1000cc class motorcycle in the world, and frankly, making a big splash for Triumph. Not vintage. Not pushrod. Just the fastest. The new bike (No. 604) is a single engine, turbocharged, fuel burning, 200+bhp, partial streamliner with (you guessed it)...a late model Triumph engine. It is not a modified street bike, but a total race shop special. It will first compete in the 1998 Bonneville National Speed Week in August. The present record for this class is 198.167mph set in 1989 by a BMW. The present record for a 1000cc streamliner is 211.698mph set in 1990 by a...BMW. We think we can beat both, with conservatively calculated speed potential from the mid 210’s to the mid 220’s.